Art Direction


Using the Value of Words

Scrabble is an integral figure in the board game world, and Uber is the leader in ride-sharing. How can we treat Scrabble fans while bringing the game back into their life?


score a good deal

Scrabble collaborates with Uber to offer steep discounts on rides. Whenever Scrabble tweets about #scrabblenight the Uber app will surprise customers by only charging the letter score of their names after confirming their ride. 


it's like golf scores, right?

The only time you want a low score in Scrabble. The letter score of your name is equal to the dollar value you pay through the Uber app.

tweet 2  mark.jpg
tweet 3 joy.jpg

to public transit or not to public transit?

Uber and Scrabble target public transit methods to communicate the value of Uber.

Bus Stop Billboard MockUp.jpg
Subway Billboard MockUp.jpg