Art Direction



Good Mcmornings

McDonald's has been offering Egg McMuffins as part of their breakfast menu for decades. We wanted to make Egg McMuffins more exciting while helping the people of Milton on difficult mornings.


The power of eggs

We created a case study video to explain our campaign idea. McDonald's now offers their Egg McMuffins enriched with vitamin D.

We've got you covered

McDonald's covers the windshields of Miltonians with a soft cloth to protect them from the oncoming storm. Not only will they wake up to a clear window, but an offer for a free breakfast too!

mcmornings_windshield ad.jpg

Let there be light

In case you lose your way in the snow, McDonald's leaves messages in the snow, to let early birds know that it's a good morning.


Zeroing in on the snowed-in

McDonald's targets the people of Milton on social medias. When a big storm hits, the ads will play. Let the people know they have an Egg McMuffin with their name on it.