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meditation for the biggest fans

Being a hockey parent can be stressful. Long trips, early mornings, and watching your kids in action can take a lot out of you. Headspace is here to help you clear your head.

let them know WE're there

Headspace wants parents to know they have an outlet to relax at games. Arenas around Ontario are lined with words of encouragement.


Who knew hockey could be so zen?

Even the rink and boards are decked out in our adorable Headspace characters in select arenas.

Hockey Rink.jpg

reaching new levels of reality

If things get too heated during the game, Headspace has a few solutions for parents. One of these solutions is VR stations equipped with relaxing simulations, available to parents and players.


the tried and true

Headspace has a special selection of meditations just for hockey parents, and creates walking maps to guide them on a walk around any arena for the length of the meditation.

guided mediation


Walking maps for while you meditate

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