Art Direction


A respectable amount of chill

San Rafael '71 is a cannabis producer focused on providing a premium line of aromatic marijuana products. They're all about providing the ultimate chill. San Rafael's 2020 Grip Juicer brief was to advocate for responsible consumption by seasoned cannabis users.

eat your greens

When people take part in edible cannabis products, they're often given the suggestion to start by eating half. We wanted San Rafael '71 to release a line of edible products, and create a campaign to promote safe consumption of their edibles.

where things are baked

We wanted to create a pop-up shop in Toronto that followed the theme of eating half. Everything in the shop is cut in half, including tables, chairs, and wall art. 

Puff puff pass

Just like cannabis products, this message was made to share. We made some Instagram posts for San Rafael '71 to share.